Light and small : one-minute theodolite - TEO-100 -
This is one of the lightest & smallest theodolites available.
Its many versatile functions can be selected by setting internal switches.

Small and Compact
4 x size AA batteries are used for operation

Building operations and civil works
Interior finish work
Surveying at forests and mountains

Telescope(erect) Power : 20x
Aperture : 30.5mm
Resolving Power : 4.5"
Field of View : 1deg20min
Stadia : 1:100
Horizontal / Vertical Circle Diameter : 53.4mm
Minimum Reading : 1'
Level Sensitivity Plate Level : 90"/2m
Circle Level : 10'/2mm
Optical Plummet Power : 3x
Focusing Range : 0.5mm...Infinity
Dimensions / Weight H198 x W125 x D130mm / 1.8kg
Display LCD : segment(H/V)
Power Supply AA type x 4
Temperature Range -20degC...+50degC
Interface RS-232C